Social Responsibility

Responsibility Philosophy

  • CTGR?adheres to its historical mission of generating clean energy for a better home. The company’s power plant development philosophy is building power stations that drive regional economic growth and improve the environment for the benefit of the people. It pursues social benefits while creating economic benefits, generating the best overall value for the economy, society and environment.

    The company harnesses sunlight and wind and turns them into a steady stream of power, benefiting myriad households. CTGR?utilizes green electricity to promote social development, ensure energy security, promote ecological improvement and improve people’s livelihoods. Wherever its wind and solar projects are built, CTGR?will protect the green mountains and blue waters. Wherever CTG operates, it will fulfill its responsibilities and make valuable contributions.

Conserve Energy

By the end of 2023, more than 100 billion kwh of clean power has been delivered to the society.

Public Welfare

  • In response to a series of important decisions and guidelines issued by the central government and CTG, CTGR?has deployed its capabilities and strengths to develop a rural revitalization approach based on the development of its renewable energy business. Through its rural revitalization projects, CTGR?sets a great example for a responsible central government-owned company. Measures to help impoverished areas include offering support to designated regions, providing paired assistance, charitable activities and partnerships between the company and local authorities. CTGR?has completed over 200 poverty-alleviation projects across 27 provinces in China, and has donated more than 420 million RMB to help combat poverty.